Ideas in the blogging

31 January, 2006

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There are ideas in the making.

And then there are ideas in the blogging.

I have few ideas that I never gotten around to do for some reasons – lack of time or money or both, or lack of confidence that the idea will work. For whatever reasons, they are destined not to see the light of day.

But what if I blog about them?

The idea could be researched on, talked about and feedback sought on a blog. Given opportunity, these groundwork can eventully be used to realise the idea.

Sounds very much like taking part in a business plan competition. It is, but less rigorous.

What it someone take the idea and run with it?

Yes, the business side of me actually cringed this. The thing to keep in mind is ideas are a dime a dozen. Someone, somewhere, likely have the same idea too.

Either I could keep the idea at the back of my head and nothing will happen.
Or I could create some content out of the idea and fear someone take and run with it.

The latter I gladly chose.

One of such ideas got mentioned two weeks ago. For now I have nothing to add to it.

I have another that I will use as filler for week 5-6 of my 0 to independence project. It is really and old economy idea. But I have a passion for it, so it should be interesting and keeping it alive should not be a chore. (More about it soon)

These ideas are what I call ideas in the blogging.


The free blog space is warming up for ads

28 January, 2006

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Just earlier I speculated that Yahoo might want to acquire some free blogs to carry their Publisher Network ads.

Then I chance upon this post that MSN Spaces just started providing Amazon and Kanoodle integration.

Looks like time is ripe for bloggers to reap online revenue from their work.
It will be interesting to watch how will this space play out.

There are many free blog hosting service out there. (Anyone made a list?) Most of them are sustained by ads. A few by sheer financial might. A handful by passion.

List of

28 January, 2006 probably started this whole category of online bookmarking, otherwise also known as social bookmarking.

Add others you know

updated 29Jan

Will Yahoo snap up WordPress?

28 January, 2006

Talking about coincident.

I was thinking yesterday. Google has Blogger. MSN has Spaces. Yahoo has? 360°?

Not quite.

Yahoo had pretty much stayed out of the free blog action. Instead Yahoo provided blog hosting through its small business unit (which, I will quickly add, has really bad support).

Yahoo Small Business started with Movable Type hosting and recently announced WordPress hosting. A pretty smart move considering hosting is revenue generating immediately.

Will Yahoo continue to stay out of free blog? It’s anyone’s guess.

My wild guess is Yahoo might snap up WordPress.

Providing free blog is not revenue lossing as one might think. We all know Google gets most of its money from ads. Yes, those little advertisements that you see on the Google search and Gmail drive what is one of the biggest market-cap stock.

And those ads are appearing on Blogger.

So Yahoo is also trying their hands on ads with Publisher Network. (Which, by the way, doesn’t accept users outside of the US.)

Will Yahoo want some free blogs to put up those ads? A big maybe.

Which brings me back to the coincident part. Look who is joining Automattic, the guys behind WordPress. (Yes, I just found out about this news.)

It still doesn’t mean anything though. A quick search shows that others had speculated Six Apart before. It didn’t happen.

Will it happen this time?

YouTube – be an instant MTV star

27 January, 2006

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YouTube is really cool site that I just learnt through a new feature announcement in

Take a break, have a laugh watching the following before continuing.

Don’t ask me why I heard of YouTube only now (it was only founded in Feb 2005). If you are like me, it’s still not too late catching up on those videos.

It was somewhere that I read the natural progression of technology. That after audio, video follows and after still, motion follows.

So it was radio, then television appeared. First you have iPod that play music, now have iPod that play movies. You have flickr that share photos and now YouTube that share videos.

Once upon a time people write weblog, then some recorded podcast. Now everyone can be a MTV star.

BBC reported that user aged from 12 to 17 are “twice as likely to visit the (iTune) music store“. I extrapolate that to mean the younger generation embraces such technology much faster. Which leaves the twice the age, thirty-something me worried.

List of sites ending with “r”

25 January, 2006

Was it Flickr that started the “r”-ending wild fire?

So now we have,

add more…


  • Dingr (Chinese, very interesting because 啊 actually sounds like ‘r’)

List of similar Digging

23 January, 2006

Here’s a list of services that is similar to Digg though they might say we do it differently from Digg. But we know better right?


Add to the list.