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Plazes is an interesting idea that “captures the network fingerprint of the network as a unique identifier for a specific Plaze.” Whatever that means, I figured it is primarily GeoIP information and some network information. Location is pretty accurate.  Check out where am I.

Revenue for now seems to be from the Adsense on the pages. As with most so called Web 2.0 apps, success will be determined by its ability to allow users to mix and mesh functionalities. Right now it meshes Google Map and Flickr with plazes data. This piece of information can be exported to a blog for example. There are also examples of IM integrating the location information.

Historically we also know that any sites that is able to generate a large enough user base is at least worth something to an interested party. On this count, Plazes is certainly moving in the right direction.
Value for the typical users?
The usual social networking, “cool factor” of showing-off location, thrill of being the top plazes discover, learning interesting ideas and information.

No direct revenue generation for my purpose.

YAGTW – Yet Another Good Time Waster™.
YAW2A – Yet Another Web 2.0 App™.


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  1. […] While not exactly the same thing as Plazes, I can’t help but comparing them since they are both map applications I saw within 2 days. […]

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