Frappr! beta

Frappr! is YAGMA – Yet another Google Map application. One thing about Google Map application is that they are very US centric. A lot of places outside of the US just do not have the kind of local details to make the map useful.

Actually Google China launched Bendi (本地) which has local information for China cities. I don’t think this set of information is available on the Google Map API. Anyone care to comment?

While not exactly the same thing as Plazes, I can’t help but comparing them since they are both map applications I saw within 2 days.

Interface wise Frappr’s is more straight forward. I quickly understood what the functions are. In the case of Plazes it told me a while to orientate.

Whether it is network location or friends’ location, the underlying driving force is still people. People like to know about other people. Map is secondary but provides very important visual. I must quickly admit it is addictive to zoom in and out, dragging the map around looking at the info bubble.

Frappr does a good job of connecting people through group page, forum, messaging.

Revenue seems to come from the ubiquitous AdSense although there are surprisingly few around.

And before you leave, tell me where you are from.


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