A thought struck me that I should cover some ideas from China instead since most of the English-based ones are old news and analysed-to-death by the time I discover them.

Here’s one I stumbled upon today.

hexun.com (和讯) like many ideas in China are “me too” version of the English counterparts. This statement is not to discredit them in any way. Many do a good job serving unserved market, customizing to local requirements.

The services offered hexun.com makes it very much like a Yahoo. That is you will not find one but all the common web services rolled into one:

If you are using Firefox, beware! Browser compatibility is not on the top of most Chinese developer list.

Multi-layer of authentication and security is also typical of Chinese websites. To sign up you have to provide password, password question and also personal identity card number (similar to social security number). Ever wonder why a portal site requires that?

Functionalities wise they are usable with many common ajax capabilities. Below is a screen capture of the user portal management.
hexun.com backend screenshot
Visit my portal.


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