Ad packaging – an idea

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Here is my idea of an offline version of Google Ads. I had this in mind for a while.

Think about this…

  • How many things you buy daily use packaging?
    Package for burger, carrier bag for shopping, disposable cup for coffee, containers for takeaways…
  • What is on them?
    Nothing much. Company log, slogan, instructions. Branding.
  • Empty space?
  • Would companies like to save on these disposable packaging?
    Almost certainly.
  • How about making money from them?
    Tell me about it!

Consider this…

  • A company (say, 59oo9le) prints and provides the packaging to all these company
  • Branding still intact
  • Condition: allow 59oo9le to sell and print ads on selected space.
  • Revenue from ads shared (in some way) with packaging buyer.

Further consider…

  • Add an “advertise on this package
    Self-cannibalization. No problem as proved. A startup burger shop might advertise on packaging of an establised burger chain.
  • Bidding to buy on hot packaging
  • More effective than other form of offline ads?

What’s needed?

  • brave soul to try
  • money to drive
  • mindset to modify

You thoughts?


5 Responses to Ad packaging – an idea

  1. The Press says:

    Great idea. On the other side, I hate ads. Sometimes it seems to me the whole world is covered with ads.. aargh! I rather pay extra for something adfree.

    But from a business point of view, it’s a great idea.You could make money setting up this 59009le company, there’ll probably be a lot of interested companies.

    Also, this Million Dollar Homepage has been on my mind for a while. All the ads in one place, nobody has to see them if they don’t want to, and because of the original idea and story behind it (making money to pay college) it drew lots of media-attention, thus visitors, thus clients.

    Anyway, gonna check out the rest of your page to see if there’s more good ideas, as the name of this blog suggests.

  2. […] One of such ideas got mentioned two weeks ago. For now I have nothing to add to it. […]

  3. Todd Parker says:

    that is probably the worst idea I have ever heard, even worse that the “jump to conclusions” game.
    are you seroius? Can you or that bozo “The Press” not realize how idiotic and ridiculous that idea sounds as a business plan??

  4. 59ideas says:

    Looking at how many things are not covered with ads today, the idea isn’t too far-fetched. It’s the attention economy after all

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