Rapid Idea Prototyping – a core competence?

The eternal question of balance:

Focus or Diversification?

To focus on one idea or to diversify with many ideas? No prize for guessing which side I’m on with a name like 59ideas.

Rapid Idea Prototyping aptly describes what I am trying to do this year with my 0 to independence project.

My premise is simple. Any one idea may not be a sure winner. But many lesser ideas may very well add up.

For many schooled in traditional business school thoughts, nothing less than full focus is acceptable. They are right, for I am hard-pressed to find an example of a company that succeed by focusing on diverse ideas.

But wait! Focusing on diverse ideas? What an oxymoron!

Yes! Focusing on rapid idea prototyping. That’s what I’m focusing on. Think of an idea, get it off the ground fast, get it noticed, sustain it, make some revenue. Repeat for another idea. Keep it going.

Now that’s core competence.


One Response to Rapid Idea Prototyping – a core competence?

  1. […] Now, this is precisely what I meant by Rapid Idea Prototyping. Simply amazing, an idea researched and coded in 9 hours! […]

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