Lexxe – natural language search

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A quick guage of an ideas’s attractiveness is when someone tells someone about it and it gets pick-up by yet someone else. That’s how I came across Lexxe today. (Thanks to Dorai.)

My first few tests were

Quite amusing. Either my questions are not well asked or the search engine still have some way to go.

In particular the last question. The answer made me think that the search engine just do string matching of text on webpages and return the answer.

A technology like this has big potential for SEO abuse, like the last example. My gut feel is that such technology is very interesting in the academic setting. But to be deployed commercially, much more work had to be put in to circumvent abuse.

The about page of Lexxe did not mention any names. Obvious a technology like this requires huge academic background. It would lend a strong support if the founder can list their background in this field.

Wait! I pulled the trigger too fast. The founder can be found here and he does has huge background. It is also noteworthy that they mention about using the technology for Chinese.

An very interesting idea to watch out indeed.


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  1. […] I couldn’t recall some information and I remembered Lexxe was good at this kind of information lookup. So I tried, […]

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