YouTube – be an instant MTV star

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YouTube is really cool site that I just learnt through a new feature announcement in

Take a break, have a laugh watching the following before continuing.

Don’t ask me why I heard of YouTube only now (it was only founded in Feb 2005). If you are like me, it’s still not too late catching up on those videos.

It was somewhere that I read the natural progression of technology. That after audio, video follows and after still, motion follows.

So it was radio, then television appeared. First you have iPod that play music, now have iPod that play movies. You have flickr that share photos and now YouTube that share videos.

Once upon a time people write weblog, then some recorded podcast. Now everyone can be a MTV star.

BBC reported that user aged from 12 to 17 are “twice as likely to visit the (iTune) music store“. I extrapolate that to mean the younger generation embraces such technology much faster. Which leaves the twice the age, thirty-something me worried.


3 Responses to YouTube – be an instant MTV star

  1. Ryan B says:

    Thanks for the comment. How did you find me?

  2. […] Not aspiring to be a MTV star? How about a chief editor? […]

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