Will Yahoo snap up WordPress?

Talking about coincident.

I was thinking yesterday. Google has Blogger. MSN has Spaces. Yahoo has? 360°?

Not quite.

Yahoo had pretty much stayed out of the free blog action. Instead Yahoo provided blog hosting through its small business unit (which, I will quickly add, has really bad support).

Yahoo Small Business started with Movable Type hosting and recently announced WordPress hosting. A pretty smart move considering hosting is revenue generating immediately.

Will Yahoo continue to stay out of free blog? It’s anyone’s guess.

My wild guess is Yahoo might snap up WordPress.

Providing free blog is not revenue lossing as one might think. We all know Google gets most of its money from ads. Yes, those little advertisements that you see on the Google search and Gmail drive what is one of the biggest market-cap stock.

And those ads are appearing on Blogger.

So Yahoo is also trying their hands on ads with Publisher Network. (Which, by the way, doesn’t accept users outside of the US.)

Will Yahoo want some free blogs to put up those ads? A big maybe.

Which brings me back to the coincident part. Look who is joining Automattic, the guys behind WordPress. (Yes, I just found out about this news.)

It still doesn’t mean anything though. A quick search shows that others had speculated Six Apart before. It didn’t happen.

Will it happen this time?


3 Responses to Will Yahoo snap up WordPress?

  1. drmike says:

    Blogger was a company. Spaces was as well. WordPress is OpenSource. Anyone can use it, even Yahoo. They don’t even have to buy it.

  2. 59ideas says:

    Point noted.
    For a few minutes I changed the heading to “Will Yahoo snap up Automattic?”
    Then I decided that’s not really attention grabbing. More people know WordPress compared to Automattic.
    So… yes … “Will Yahoo snap up WordPress?” The guys behind it, to be exact.

  3. […] Just earlier I speculated that Yahoo might want to acquire some free blogs to carry their Publisher Network ads. […]

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