Ideas in the blogging

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There are ideas in the making.

And then there are ideas in the blogging.

I have few ideas that I never gotten around to do for some reasons – lack of time or money or both, or lack of confidence that the idea will work. For whatever reasons, they are destined not to see the light of day.

But what if I blog about them?

The idea could be researched on, talked about and feedback sought on a blog. Given opportunity, these groundwork can eventully be used to realise the idea.

Sounds very much like taking part in a business plan competition. It is, but less rigorous.

What it someone take the idea and run with it?

Yes, the business side of me actually cringed this. The thing to keep in mind is ideas are a dime a dozen. Someone, somewhere, likely have the same idea too.

Either I could keep the idea at the back of my head and nothing will happen.
Or I could create some content out of the idea and fear someone take and run with it.

The latter I gladly chose.

One of such ideas got mentioned two weeks ago. For now I have nothing to add to it.

I have another that I will use as filler for week 5-6 of my 0 to independence project. It is really and old economy idea. But I have a passion for it, so it should be interesting and keeping it alive should not be a chore. (More about it soon)

These ideas are what I call ideas in the blogging.


6 Responses to Ideas in the blogging

  1. stefan says:

    I have had tons of ideas that have not been executed either. So far I’ve always kept them to myself, for fear of someone running with it and somehow becoming so damn successful that Bill Gates would be poor in comparison to this person.

    Obviously, this sounds selfish. I’ve so far just not had the guts to just post about it and let someone else work it out.

  2. 59ideas says:

    A friend once told me this little allegory…

    If you clenched your fist tight and hold on to what little you have, you will not be able to catch hold of more that may be given.

    But if you open you hands wide, some might slip out, but you are ready to receive abundantly more.

  3. stefan says:

    A very buddhist wisdom, if ever there is one. 🙂

    Maybe, indeed, I should open up a bit more 🙂

  4. […] More ideas in the blogging at TechCrunch. Michael Arrington blogged about 10 ideas he’d like to see. […]

  5. homunculus says:

    Hello 59i.

    Someone older once told me that the beauty of giving is that you have to come up with more. To not share and hold onto whatever you know is self defeating in the end. What’s yours will be yours, no matter what and how.

    Thanks for the tag, that is very kind of you. I blog for the same reason as you do too, and it heartens me to see fellow bloggers with the same spirit.

    It is like going back to school again, only this time we wear no uniform, we attend whenever, and we can choose to space out on any topic we want. Life’s brilliant this way, Good luck with Shanghai.

  6. […] A while back I posted about sharing ideas by blogging them. There was some comments (on the old site) and I replied with bravado that the more I share the more I get. […]

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