Best Blog on WordPress on

Traffic went right through the root on Best Blog on WordPress. (Figuratively, not absolute sense as you can see.)
Best Blog

But hey, I didn’t expect to be listed right on the front page, together with the Hot Blogs. (Thanks guys!)

Best Blog on on WordPress

No more slacking … Got to dig harder.

To be frank, it is getting harder to dig out good blogs. Not that there aren’t any, it just takes more time (then I had expected).

Also I raised my (arbitrary) editorial standard along the way, so compared to the earlier personal-ramblings type blogs that got in, I now tend to look for more-focused blogs or blogs with good writings.

Thanks for dropping by!

  • is a couple of months old.
  • Best Blog on WordPress just hit one month.
  • There are 80,000+ blogs on WordPress (my wild guess, based on the id).

Surely there are more good blogs to be found! Blogroll on.


2 Responses to Best Blog on WordPress on

  1. […] 1/2hr /day on Best Blog (This suddenly is not a pastime anymore.) […]

  2. I’ll have to agree with you. I stripped the Blogroll feature off my WordPress a few months ago – shame on me.

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