Newsvine – be an instant chief editor


Not aspiring to be a MTV star? How about a chief editor?

Now you can, with Newsvine. It is still in private beta but many had blog about it.

I’m a very slow early-adopter, I got the Newvine invite courtesy of Roberto a while back but only gotten around to really try it today. (Blame all the Web2.0 distraction mushrooming everywhere.)

It still have some problem signing me in though, perhaps due to the way I track my online accounts. My passwords are 20 characters long and have special characters. A number of sites had choked on this.

Many people call it a mesh of CNN + digg + slashdot for lack of better descriptive. Well that’s all very 2.0ish – mix and mesh, power to the people and mass amateurisation of, in this case, news reporting.

The sign problem is really my mistake in messing up my emails. What a boo-boo.


One Response to Newsvine – be an instant chief editor

  1. stefan says:

    well, let’s see what this is then. I’m on the waiting list šŸ™‚

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