More ideas in the blogging

More ideas in the blogging at TechCrunch. Michael Arrington blogged about 10 ideas he’d like to see.

Of the list, I like many are thristing for 3. Potable reputation. That is seriously a killer.

On 5. Facebook in some country, surely someone in China must have done it already. Let me dig for it. If not who like to throw me some money to get it done? (seriously!)

Tell you a secret … I do have a secret plan in my diary for 7. Open Source Yellow Pages. For China that is. There is no dates, so please don’t hold your breath.

I like 8. Podcast Transcriptions. Might be a possible one for me if the English standard of the Chinese are a little higher here. Maybe someone in India can have a shot.

This is too much I have too many ideas competiting for attention! I need to focus!

Update: Right within the comments of the article, are 2 answers to my post

  1. Someone is offering Podcast transcriptions in India
  2. There is a Facebook clone in China.

One Response to More ideas in the blogging

  1. I’m sure that the ideas he presented were all already in the works by someone somewhere. The best thing to do is launch something, and build it right as quickly as possible.

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