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Omidrive is yet another idea in private beta. An online storage, it got good review at TechCrunch so I waiting to see it happen.

Last few days, I was checking out online storage because I’m now using 3 portable harddisks for storage and backup. The other day, the new guy in the office formatted athe harddrive on his desktop which housed some backup. I left it there because I ran out of space on all my storage.

Only one thing to add about Omnidrive. It is a surprise to see a site planning to go international use a country level domain like If they ever take off, they might need to buy over the .com domain or change name.

Update: Omnidrive did get a .com. Wonder how much they paid for it?


2 Responses to Omnidrive

  1. adamb says:

    Omnidrive does have the .com domain.

  2. 59ideas says:

    So I found out… thanks for the info.

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