Posting from to WordPress

Sometime one wonders if there really is a ghost in the network.

For the last few weeks I was wondering how to collect the “massive” amount of surfing I’m doing into this blog. is a natural choice, but there is no easy way to extract the bookmark into a daily post. daily blog postingI had noticed there is a “daily blog posting” feature under settings in Looks promising. But …

… if you click on it, you will see a rather ugly table with no explanation whatsoever, so go figure out. I didn’t bother.

Then today, I came across this post. Old news you said? I wasn’t very motivated to use before. But now I am.

What are the engineers at doing all these while? Letting such an important feature look so ugly and undocumented.

  • job_name : any title you want
  • out_name : your WordPress Username
  • out_pass : your WordPress Password
  • out_url : http://[username]
  • out_time : the time to post. (in GMT) 0-23
  • out_blog_id : leave blank
  • out_cat_id : 2200 (doesn’t work,  probably leave blank) daily blog posting thingy


2 Responses to Posting from to WordPress

  1. […] I’m not a fan of, but just became a new convert because of its post to blog feature. If any of the YAd implements this, I will seriously consider jumping ship. […]

  2. […] Bien sûr, dans cette ère du Web2.0 où tout s’interconnecte, il existe des outils pour nous faciliter la tâche… ainsi sur Flickr, chaque photo a un bouton “blog this” qui va automatiquement poster la photo sur le blog qu’on a référencé dans ses options.De même, a un système automatique qui peut, de façon quotidienne, poster sur son blog les liens collectés ce jour. […]

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