59ideas is moving outside the Great Fire Wall

Barely more than a month on WordPress and the Great Fire Wall of China kicks in. It was reported much earlier of course, but I was back in Singapore for holiday.

Nothing too exciting about it. When you live in China long enough, you learn to deal with it, like making this post with proxy.

This ban happened soon than I had expected. WordPress was meant to be a stepping board so that I do not have to deal with the backend system until later. (The original plan was to achieve a daily traffic of 200 unique visitors before moving.) 

So here are my choices – I could continue to post with proxy that or I could move to my own hosting.

I decided to take this chance and make the move. Over the next few days I will be setting up 59ideas.com.

From 0 to independence will stay on WordPress for a while. Best Blog on WordPress will of course stay on WordPress.


2 Responses to 59ideas is moving outside the Great Fire Wall

  1. […] Since moving back behind the Great Fire Wall, updating had became a pain and hasten the decision to cut over to my own domain as soon as possible. […]

  2. […] (aside: This post came as a request I could not refuse. If you have the best blog, tell me, save me time surfing with proxy.) […]

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