When you own Urchin, why buy MeasureMap?

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Measure Map 

I’m still waiting for a Google Analytic account to peek at what’s inside. But that’s now what I’m going to talk about.

I am talking about the question I asked when I saw this post.

Google, if you recall, brought Urchin early last year which became Google Analytics later that year.

Few days ago, Google blogged they just brought MeasureMap.

No wonder searches for “MeaureMap” started showing up the past couple of days. People must be searching for what Measure Map is all about.

I once questioned how is MeasureMap going to stay around with Google Analytic. Guess I got the answer. If you can’t beat them, join them.

This is a one smart move by the people within MeasureMap. What is the insider story like? Did they planned for this along? Who approach who?

Someone like to spill some beans?


3 Responses to When you own Urchin, why buy MeasureMap?

  1. Nope, from what seems to be going on, it was google who spotted them and quickly absorbed them.

  2. […] This post get more traffic in a day from Google’s blog than anywhere else. All because of a trackback. […]

  3. Google Announces Analytics for Blogs.

    Google have announced that they have purchased Adaptive Path’s Measure Map. This is an analytics package specifically tailored for blogs.

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