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18 February, 2006

Thank you for visiting. This blog had moved to  

Since moving back behind the Great Fire Wall, updating this blog had became a pain and hasten the decision to cut over to my own domain as soon as possible.

Things are still a little unstable over at as I figure out how to handle WordPress myself. The theme still need to be updated.

All entries had been exported and imported. Comments however will remain here. (Oh, I have not forgotten the comments on this entries. If you want a free domain, take a look.)

So, come on over!



Best Blog on WordPress on

1 February, 2006

Traffic went right through the root on Best Blog on WordPress. (Figuratively, not absolute sense as you can see.)
Best Blog

But hey, I didn’t expect to be listed right on the front page, together with the Hot Blogs. (Thanks guys!)

Best Blog on on WordPress

No more slacking … Got to dig harder.

To be frank, it is getting harder to dig out good blogs. Not that there aren’t any, it just takes more time (then I had expected).

Also I raised my (arbitrary) editorial standard along the way, so compared to the earlier personal-ramblings type blogs that got in, I now tend to look for more-focused blogs or blogs with good writings.

Thanks for dropping by!

  • is a couple of months old.
  • Best Blog on WordPress just hit one month.
  • There are 80,000+ blogs on WordPress (my wild guess, based on the id).

Surely there are more good blogs to be found! Blogroll on.

Ideas in the blogging

31 January, 2006

This blog is now at

There are ideas in the making.

And then there are ideas in the blogging.

I have few ideas that I never gotten around to do for some reasons – lack of time or money or both, or lack of confidence that the idea will work. For whatever reasons, they are destined not to see the light of day.

But what if I blog about them?

The idea could be researched on, talked about and feedback sought on a blog. Given opportunity, these groundwork can eventully be used to realise the idea.

Sounds very much like taking part in a business plan competition. It is, but less rigorous.

What it someone take the idea and run with it?

Yes, the business side of me actually cringed this. The thing to keep in mind is ideas are a dime a dozen. Someone, somewhere, likely have the same idea too.

Either I could keep the idea at the back of my head and nothing will happen.
Or I could create some content out of the idea and fear someone take and run with it.

The latter I gladly chose.

One of such ideas got mentioned two weeks ago. For now I have nothing to add to it.

I have another that I will use as filler for week 5-6 of my 0 to independence project. It is really and old economy idea. But I have a passion for it, so it should be interesting and keeping it alive should not be a chore. (More about it soon)

These ideas are what I call ideas in the blogging.

59 Ideas

1 January, 2006

This blog is now at

59ideas is a collection of ideas. As the saying goes, “ideas are a dime a dozen“. So 59 ideas may well worth only a proverbial 5 cents.

Lots of ingredients are necessary in order to turn a dime idea into a golden idea. The enlightened tell us that the key is in the execution. I totally agreed. Follow From 0 to independence and critique the execution of my (and others’) ideas.