10 February, 2006

This blog is now at 59ideas.com.  

Raw Sugar

Took some time to look at Raw Sugar while I’m at Ma.gonlia.

Some people classify RawSugar as a social bookmark like del.icio.us. From my brief look at it, it is more. More like Squidoo. (By the way, Squidoo is becoming more interesting since last mentioned.)

From the Demo presentation, it looks like it is just the perfect tool I need for Ken and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

One thing I don’t understand. 59ideas is a perfectly fine username in my opinion. But RawSugar said “The username field contains illegal characters“. Now which character in “59ideas” is illegal?

Turns out that I cannot start a username with number with a number! Why?

I like the RawSugar idea and the reward program idea even better. I’m a firm believer of this motto:

Ideas is nice, but Money drives.


SiteAdvisor – watching what you clicked on

6 February, 2006

This blog is now at 59ideas.com


First we scanned for virus. Then we scanned for spyware. Now we scan for rogue sites.

SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser-based attacks, phishing, online fraud and identity theft.

It is about time someone come out with this idea. The web is becoming very unsafe with many traps waiting for the unwary.
Just the other day, a friend of mine went to ‘morzilla’ instead of mozilla.com.

Misspelled domains or typosquatting is a multi-million dollars business. It is tough arguing for or against it.
But scam like this is much worst.

It frustrating to see online scammers getting away with their act and we can do nothing about it. I had thought of creating an online registrar of scam sites but SiteAdvisor took it a step further.

As a plugin for browsers, it attempts to detect and inform unwary users of rogue sites, protecting them from risks.
It is interesting though to see how SiteAdvisor intend to make money and who are investing them.

Just like adwares/spywares, think about how much money scammers are making. Would they stop without a fight? The ensuring battle provides enough fuel to keep SiteAdvisor going.

Think about how much the anti-virus market is worth. Protecting user is a lucrative business. A successful SiteAdvisor might be target for acquisition by one of the big AV boys.

As for my less techie friends, I will suggest they install this.


3 February, 2006

This blog is now at 59ideas.com


Omidrive is yet another idea in private beta. An online storage, it got good review at TechCrunch so I waiting to see it happen.

Last few days, I was checking out online storage because I’m now using 3 portable harddisks for storage and backup. The other day, the new guy in the office formatted athe harddrive on his desktop which housed some backup. I left it there because I ran out of space on all my storage.

Only one thing to add about Omnidrive. It is a surprise to see a site planning to go international use a country level domain like omnidrive.com.au. If they ever take off, they might need to buy over the .com domain or change name.

Update: Omnidrive did get a .com. Wonder how much they paid for it?

Neologism is a new word idea

2 February, 2006

This blog is now at 59ideas.com

Heard of neologism?

It’s a cool word to describe a new word idea. New word ideas can be very interesting.

Disruptive innovation, mass amateurisation and today I learnt about Long Now.

Long Now Foundation

Think about it. In an era where we blink without thinking and do business at the speed of thought, long now is a refreshing pause.

I am particularly excited about this find because therein are questions that I had asked myself often and what a pleasant surprise to find a foundation devoted to them.

Find out more.

Newsvine – be an instant chief editor

1 February, 2006


Not aspiring to be a MTV star? How about a chief editor?

Now you can, with Newsvine. It is still in private beta but many had blog about it.

I’m a very slow early-adopter, I got the Newvine invite courtesy of Roberto a while back but only gotten around to really try it today. (Blame all the Web2.0 distraction mushrooming everywhere.)

It still have some problem signing me in though, perhaps due to the way I track my online accounts. My passwords are 20 characters long and have special characters. A number of sites had choked on this.

Many people call it a mesh of CNN + digg + slashdot for lack of better descriptive. Well that’s all very 2.0ish – mix and mesh, power to the people and mass amateurisation of, in this case, news reporting.

The sign problem is really my mistake in messing up my emails. What a boo-boo.

List of similar.icio.us

28 January, 2006

del.icio.us probably started this whole category of online bookmarking, otherwise also known as social bookmarking.

Add others you know

updated 29Jan

YouTube – be an instant MTV star

27 January, 2006

This blog is now at 59ideas.com.


YouTube is really cool site that I just learnt through a new feature announcement in WordPress.com.

Take a break, have a laugh watching the following before continuing.

Don’t ask me why I heard of YouTube only now (it was only founded in Feb 2005). If you are like me, it’s still not too late catching up on those videos.

It was somewhere that I read the natural progression of technology. That after audio, video follows and after still, motion follows.

So it was radio, then television appeared. First you have iPod that play music, now have iPod that play movies. You have flickr that share photos and now YouTube that share videos.

Once upon a time people write weblog, then some recorded podcast. Now everyone can be a MTV star.

BBC reported that user aged from 12 to 17 are “twice as likely to visit the (iTune) music store“. I extrapolate that to mean the younger generation embraces such technology much faster. Which leaves the twice the age, thirty-something me worried.