Free Hosting giveaway promotion

21 August, 2006

This my giveaway idea for August.

Free hosting for life

Someone suggested in my last free domain giveaway that free hosting would be something he would be excited about. So here I give it to you – Free Hosting for Life! (Yes life! My life that is).

What you have to do

  1. Mention and link to my site ( from anywhere it is permissible for you to do so.
    Hint: You can mention this giveaway. Spread the word.
    For example, your blog, a forum you participate in, comment in another blog, … be creative
  2. Do not submit to link directories or link exchanges.
  3. Leave a comment telling me where you put that link.
    (Remember to leave your email so that I can contact you if you win.)
  4. Wait for the good news!

How Winners are determined

  1. Statistic will be based on Google Analytics’s referral data.
  2. All submitted links will be ordered in decending order for the number of referrals from the link.
  3. Links that provides that top 20% of all referred traffic will be the winner.
    For example,
    Total 100 referrals from all links
    Link A: 10 referrals
    Link B: 6 referrals
    Link C: 5 referrals
    Link D: 3 referrals
    all other links with 1 referral
    A, B, C are winners

Terms & Conditions

Some terms and condition to guard my ass.

  1. The giveaway is given in good faith and mutual trust. If you do not respect that or feel that I will any way cheat you, please do not participate.
  2. Participants should not spam or do anything in bad faith in order to participate.
  3. Hosting is for a reasonable website.
    Since bandwidth and storage requirement varies, I cannot host a site beyond my means.
    As a simple guage, if your site can be comfortably hosted on a few dollars a month shared hosting, I can afford you.
  4. If for whatever reason I cannot host you anymore, I will have a chat with you.
  5. Any ambiguity in interpretations or the lack thereof will be resolved by me and the decision will be final.

(Please leave comment on the original post)


Best Blog on WordPress on

1 February, 2006

Traffic went right through the root on Best Blog on WordPress. (Figuratively, not absolute sense as you can see.)
Best Blog

But hey, I didn’t expect to be listed right on the front page, together with the Hot Blogs. (Thanks guys!)

Best Blog on on WordPress

No more slacking … Got to dig harder.

To be frank, it is getting harder to dig out good blogs. Not that there aren’t any, it just takes more time (then I had expected).

Also I raised my (arbitrary) editorial standard along the way, so compared to the earlier personal-ramblings type blogs that got in, I now tend to look for more-focused blogs or blogs with good writings.

Thanks for dropping by!

  • is a couple of months old.
  • Best Blog on WordPress just hit one month.
  • There are 80,000+ blogs on WordPress (my wild guess, based on the id).

Surely there are more good blogs to be found! Blogroll on.

Ideas in the blogging

31 January, 2006

This blog is now at

There are ideas in the making.

And then there are ideas in the blogging.

I have few ideas that I never gotten around to do for some reasons – lack of time or money or both, or lack of confidence that the idea will work. For whatever reasons, they are destined not to see the light of day.

But what if I blog about them?

The idea could be researched on, talked about and feedback sought on a blog. Given opportunity, these groundwork can eventully be used to realise the idea.

Sounds very much like taking part in a business plan competition. It is, but less rigorous.

What it someone take the idea and run with it?

Yes, the business side of me actually cringed this. The thing to keep in mind is ideas are a dime a dozen. Someone, somewhere, likely have the same idea too.

Either I could keep the idea at the back of my head and nothing will happen.
Or I could create some content out of the idea and fear someone take and run with it.

The latter I gladly chose.

One of such ideas got mentioned two weeks ago. For now I have nothing to add to it.

I have another that I will use as filler for week 5-6 of my 0 to independence project. It is really and old economy idea. But I have a passion for it, so it should be interesting and keeping it alive should not be a chore. (More about it soon)

These ideas are what I call ideas in the blogging.

Free domain give away idea

23 January, 2006

Ran across this simple idea today on another blog.

Everyone likes a free gift. Giving away stuff is a good way to gain some online karma and visitors.

I’m interested to try this idea out to see how efficient is the blogosphere in spreading free giveaway news. I don’t get that much traffic anyway, let’s see how many entries I get.

Free domain giveaway

Simple rules

  • No strings attached (though a link would certainly be nice 🙂 )
  • Leave a comment and email
  • Leave out the domain name if you wish, the eventual winner will be contacted
  • only .com, .net, .org
  • Number of winners:
    • 20 or less comments: 1
    • each additional 25 comments: 1
  • One comment per person (check your conscience)
  • Winner selected by my undisclosed, patented methology is final
  • Closing date: Undecided, until this exercise costs me too much to maintain.

So spread the word!

This offer has concluded. Find out about the result and winner over here.

Metroblogging Shanghai

16 January, 2006

This blog is now at


Not exactly an idea, but I signed up for Metroblogging to start a new city – Shanghai. According to Sean, I’m the only one to sign up for Shanghai.

There are quite a few high profile Shanghai blogs already. In particular I hope we will eventually give Shanghaiist a run for their money. 😉

So, if you are in Shanghai and like to blog together, sign up. We need 10 people to start.


Rapid Idea Prototyping – a core competence?

13 January, 2006

The eternal question of balance:

Focus or Diversification?

To focus on one idea or to diversify with many ideas? No prize for guessing which side I’m on with a name like 59ideas.

Rapid Idea Prototyping aptly describes what I am trying to do this year with my 0 to independence project.

My premise is simple. Any one idea may not be a sure winner. But many lesser ideas may very well add up.

For many schooled in traditional business school thoughts, nothing less than full focus is acceptable. They are right, for I am hard-pressed to find an example of a company that succeed by focusing on diverse ideas.

But wait! Focusing on diverse ideas? What an oxymoron!

Yes! Focusing on rapid idea prototyping. That’s what I’m focusing on. Think of an idea, get it off the ground fast, get it noticed, sustain it, make some revenue. Repeat for another idea. Keep it going.

Now that’s core competence.

Ad packaging – an idea

11 January, 2006

This blog is now at

Here is my idea of an offline version of Google Ads. I had this in mind for a while.

Think about this…

  • How many things you buy daily use packaging?
    Package for burger, carrier bag for shopping, disposable cup for coffee, containers for takeaways…
  • What is on them?
    Nothing much. Company log, slogan, instructions. Branding.
  • Empty space?
  • Would companies like to save on these disposable packaging?
    Almost certainly.
  • How about making money from them?
    Tell me about it!

Consider this…

  • A company (say, 59oo9le) prints and provides the packaging to all these company
  • Branding still intact
  • Condition: allow 59oo9le to sell and print ads on selected space.
  • Revenue from ads shared (in some way) with packaging buyer.

Further consider…

  • Add an “advertise on this package
    Self-cannibalization. No problem as proved. A startup burger shop might advertise on packaging of an establised burger chain.
  • Bidding to buy on hot packaging
  • More effective than other form of offline ads?

What’s needed?

  • brave soul to try
  • money to drive
  • mindset to modify

You thoughts?