Ad packaging – an idea

11 January, 2006

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Here is my idea of an offline version of Google Ads. I had this in mind for a while.

Think about this…

  • How many things you buy daily use packaging?
    Package for burger, carrier bag for shopping, disposable cup for coffee, containers for takeaways…
  • What is on them?
    Nothing much. Company log, slogan, instructions. Branding.
  • Empty space?
  • Would companies like to save on these disposable packaging?
    Almost certainly.
  • How about making money from them?
    Tell me about it!

Consider this…

  • A company (say, 59oo9le) prints and provides the packaging to all these company
  • Branding still intact
  • Condition: allow 59oo9le to sell and print ads on selected space.
  • Revenue from ads shared (in some way) with packaging buyer.

Further consider…

  • Add an “advertise on this package
    Self-cannibalization. No problem as proved. A startup burger shop might advertise on packaging of an establised burger chain.
  • Bidding to buy on hot packaging
  • More effective than other form of offline ads?

What’s needed?

  • brave soul to try
  • money to drive
  • mindset to modify

You thoughts?


Google ads. In print

11 January, 2006

Chicago Sun-Times is running Google ads, on their paper.

Google ads. In print

Now, that’s an idea. Read this story.

I had a similar idea in the real world, let me share it in the next post.

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