Free Hosting giveaway promotion

21 August, 2006

This my giveaway idea for August.

Free hosting for life

Someone suggested in my last free domain giveaway that free hosting would be something he would be excited about. So here I give it to you – Free Hosting for Life! (Yes life! My life that is).

What you have to do

  1. Mention and link to my site ( from anywhere it is permissible for you to do so.
    Hint: You can mention this giveaway. Spread the word.
    For example, your blog, a forum you participate in, comment in another blog, … be creative
  2. Do not submit to link directories or link exchanges.
  3. Leave a comment telling me where you put that link.
    (Remember to leave your email so that I can contact you if you win.)
  4. Wait for the good news!

How Winners are determined

  1. Statistic will be based on Google Analytics’s referral data.
  2. All submitted links will be ordered in decending order for the number of referrals from the link.
  3. Links that provides that top 20% of all referred traffic will be the winner.
    For example,
    Total 100 referrals from all links
    Link A: 10 referrals
    Link B: 6 referrals
    Link C: 5 referrals
    Link D: 3 referrals
    all other links with 1 referral
    A, B, C are winners

Terms & Conditions

Some terms and condition to guard my ass.

  1. The giveaway is given in good faith and mutual trust. If you do not respect that or feel that I will any way cheat you, please do not participate.
  2. Participants should not spam or do anything in bad faith in order to participate.
  3. Hosting is for a reasonable website.
    Since bandwidth and storage requirement varies, I cannot host a site beyond my means.
    As a simple guage, if your site can be comfortably hosted on a few dollars a month shared hosting, I can afford you.
  4. If for whatever reason I cannot host you anymore, I will have a chat with you.
  5. Any ambiguity in interpretations or the lack thereof will be resolved by me and the decision will be final.

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