When you own Urchin, why buy MeasureMap?

16 February, 2006

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Measure Map 

I’m still waiting for a Google Analytic account to peek at what’s inside. But that’s now what I’m going to talk about.

I am talking about the question I asked when I saw this post.

Google, if you recall, brought Urchin early last year which became Google Analytics later that year.

Few days ago, Google blogged they just brought MeasureMap.

No wonder searches for “MeaureMap” started showing up the past couple of days. People must be searching for what Measure Map is all about.

I once questioned how is MeasureMap going to stay around with Google Analytic. Guess I got the answer. If you can’t beat them, join them.

This is a one smart move by the people within MeasureMap. What is the insider story like? Did they planned for this along? Who approach who?

Someone like to spill some beans?


SiteAdvisor – watching what you clicked on

6 February, 2006

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First we scanned for virus. Then we scanned for spyware. Now we scan for rogue sites.

SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser-based attacks, phishing, online fraud and identity theft.

It is about time someone come out with this idea. The web is becoming very unsafe with many traps waiting for the unwary.
Just the other day, a friend of mine went to ‘morzilla’ instead of mozilla.com.

Misspelled domains or typosquatting is a multi-million dollars business. It is tough arguing for or against it.
But scam like this is much worst.

It frustrating to see online scammers getting away with their act and we can do nothing about it. I had thought of creating an online registrar of scam sites but SiteAdvisor took it a step further.

As a plugin for browsers, it attempts to detect and inform unwary users of rogue sites, protecting them from risks.
It is interesting though to see how SiteAdvisor intend to make money and who are investing them.

Just like adwares/spywares, think about how much money scammers are making. Would they stop without a fight? The ensuring battle provides enough fuel to keep SiteAdvisor going.

Think about how much the anti-virus market is worth. Protecting user is a lucrative business. A successful SiteAdvisor might be target for acquisition by one of the big AV boys.

As for my less techie friends, I will suggest they install this.

Newsvine – be an instant chief editor

1 February, 2006


Not aspiring to be a MTV star? How about a chief editor?

Now you can, with Newsvine. It is still in private beta but many had blog about it.

I’m a very slow early-adopter, I got the Newvine invite courtesy of Roberto a while back but only gotten around to really try it today. (Blame all the Web2.0 distraction mushrooming everywhere.)

It still have some problem signing me in though, perhaps due to the way I track my online accounts. My passwords are 20 characters long and have special characters. A number of sites had choked on this.

Many people call it a mesh of CNN + digg + slashdot for lack of better descriptive. Well that’s all very 2.0ish – mix and mesh, power to the people and mass amateurisation of, in this case, news reporting.

The sign problem is really my mistake in messing up my emails. What a boo-boo.

Will Yahoo snap up WordPress?

28 January, 2006

Talking about coincident.

I was thinking yesterday. Google has Blogger. MSN has Spaces. Yahoo has? 360°?

Not quite.

Yahoo had pretty much stayed out of the free blog action. Instead Yahoo provided blog hosting through its small business unit (which, I will quickly add, has really bad support).

Yahoo Small Business started with Movable Type hosting and recently announced WordPress hosting. A pretty smart move considering hosting is revenue generating immediately.

Will Yahoo continue to stay out of free blog? It’s anyone’s guess.

My wild guess is Yahoo might snap up WordPress.

Providing free blog is not revenue lossing as one might think. We all know Google gets most of its money from ads. Yes, those little advertisements that you see on the Google search and Gmail drive what is one of the biggest market-cap stock.

And those ads are appearing on Blogger.

So Yahoo is also trying their hands on ads with Publisher Network. (Which, by the way, doesn’t accept users outside of the US.)

Will Yahoo want some free blogs to put up those ads? A big maybe.

Which brings me back to the coincident part. Look who is joining Automattic, the guys behind WordPress. (Yes, I just found out about this news.)

It still doesn’t mean anything though. A quick search shows that others had speculated Six Apart before. It didn’t happen.

Will it happen this time?


23 January, 2006


Fleck is yet aother Web 2.0 idea in stealth mode.

Except a great sense of humour that amuses even TechCrunch, not much information is on the website.

The blog though is a pretty good read, especially those trying to scoop some web2.0 money while it last.

What about the crazy colors people are thinking up to grab attention? I love the pink!

Natually I signed up, hope to get a glimpse of it soon.

Lexxe – natural language search

14 January, 2006

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A quick guage of an ideas’s attractiveness is when someone tells someone about it and it gets pick-up by yet someone else. That’s how I came across Lexxe today. (Thanks to Dorai.)

My first few tests were

Quite amusing. Either my questions are not well asked or the search engine still have some way to go.

In particular the last question. The answer made me think that the search engine just do string matching of text on webpages and return the answer.

A technology like this has big potential for SEO abuse, like the last example. My gut feel is that such technology is very interesting in the academic setting. But to be deployed commercially, much more work had to be put in to circumvent abuse.

The about page of Lexxe did not mention any names. Obvious a technology like this requires huge academic background. It would lend a strong support if the founder can list their background in this field.

Wait! I pulled the trigger too fast. The founder can be found here and he does has huge background. It is also noteworthy that they mention about using the technology for Chinese.

An very interesting idea to watch out indeed.

More stealth mode ideas

10 January, 2006

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Ideas that are currently still under-wrap


by Scott Johnson | Michael Air | Colin Grady


What does it mean “the opposite of search”? Get some ideas here.

Do you think stealth mode startup sucks?