Posting from to WordPress

7 February, 2006

Sometime one wonders if there really is a ghost in the network.

For the last few weeks I was wondering how to collect the “massive” amount of surfing I’m doing into this blog. is a natural choice, but there is no easy way to extract the bookmark into a daily post. daily blog postingI had noticed there is a “daily blog posting” feature under settings in Looks promising. But …

… if you click on it, you will see a rather ugly table with no explanation whatsoever, so go figure out. I didn’t bother.

Then today, I came across this post. Old news you said? I wasn’t very motivated to use before. But now I am.

What are the engineers at doing all these while? Letting such an important feature look so ugly and undocumented.

  • job_name : any title you want
  • out_name : your WordPress Username
  • out_pass : your WordPress Password
  • out_url : http://[username]
  • out_time : the time to post. (in GMT) 0-23
  • out_blog_id : leave blank
  • out_cat_id : 2200 (doesn’t work,  probably leave blank) daily blog posting thingy


What is Edge Competencies?

5 February, 2006

This blog is now at

Ran across this word today – Edge Competencies.

What does it mean? I set out to learn more.

In a standard manner I

The term edge competencies is coined as a direct contrast to core competencies.

Here’s my understanding of it.

Core competencies is a oft-heard concept in management consulting and business strategy. In a nutshell, it refers to a set of things that a company do best compared to its competitors. This “set of things” is not easily copied by competitors. The result of which is that the company will gain competitive advantage and differentiate from competitors.

Edge here refers to the edge of the company – which is where the company meets the outside, the customers, the suppliers, the world at large.

The argument of edge competencies is that competitive advantage has shifted from the core of the company (within) to the edge of the company (outside).

So instead of figuring out how to leverage the internal resources, think of the external, the knowledge that is encapsulated in the masses.

Ring a bell? Do you see edge competencies is the essense of Web 2.0? Leveraging on the capabilities outside of the company, mix and mash, tapping into the wisdom of the users.


More ideas in the blogging

3 February, 2006

More ideas in the blogging at TechCrunch. Michael Arrington blogged about 10 ideas he’d like to see.

Of the list, I like many are thristing for 3. Potable reputation. That is seriously a killer.

On 5. Facebook in some country, surely someone in China must have done it already. Let me dig for it. If not who like to throw me some money to get it done? (seriously!)

Tell you a secret … I do have a secret plan in my diary for 7. Open Source Yellow Pages. For China that is. There is no dates, so please don’t hold your breath.

I like 8. Podcast Transcriptions. Might be a possible one for me if the English standard of the Chinese are a little higher here. Maybe someone in India can have a shot.

This is too much I have too many ideas competiting for attention! I need to focus!

Update: Right within the comments of the article, are 2 answers to my post

  1. Someone is offering Podcast transcriptions in India
  2. There is a Facebook clone in China.

Newsvine – be an instant chief editor

1 February, 2006


Not aspiring to be a MTV star? How about a chief editor?

Now you can, with Newsvine. It is still in private beta but many had blog about it.

I’m a very slow early-adopter, I got the Newvine invite courtesy of Roberto a while back but only gotten around to really try it today. (Blame all the Web2.0 distraction mushrooming everywhere.)

It still have some problem signing me in though, perhaps due to the way I track my online accounts. My passwords are 20 characters long and have special characters. A number of sites had choked on this.

Many people call it a mesh of CNN + digg + slashdot for lack of better descriptive. Well that’s all very 2.0ish – mix and mesh, power to the people and mass amateurisation of, in this case, news reporting.

The sign problem is really my mistake in messing up my emails. What a boo-boo.

List of similar Digging

23 January, 2006

Here’s a list of services that is similar to Digg though they might say we do it differently from Digg. But we know better right?


Add to the list.