links for 2006-02-12

13 February, 2006

Researching PHP file manager. Planning to integrate some tools together into a site management backend that will consist of filemanager, database (only phpmyadmin?), blog (likely wordpress), wiki, forum, photo gallery and link directory. Probably the most common set of applications for websites.

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links for 2006-02-11

12 February, 2006

More blogs for Best Blog on WordPress.
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links for 2006-02-10

11 February, 2006

Looking at a few things today.

Digging for more blogs for Best Blog on WordPress. Potential blogs are tagged for-bestblog. So instead of just keeping them as draft, they get a little exposure.

Looking also at some affiliate marketing information and getting some information from the forums at abestweb.

Lastly some random surfing on security.

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Fastest growing blog

10 February, 2006

Fastest growing blog

Two recent Best Blog pick went up the Fastest Growing blog. Congratulation!


10 February, 2006

This blog is now at  

Raw Sugar

Took some time to look at Raw Sugar while I’m at Ma.gonlia.

Some people classify RawSugar as a social bookmark like From my brief look at it, it is more. More like Squidoo. (By the way, Squidoo is becoming more interesting since last mentioned.)

From the Demo presentation, it looks like it is just the perfect tool I need for Ken and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

One thing I don’t understand. 59ideas is a perfectly fine username in my opinion. But RawSugar said “The username field contains illegal characters“. Now which character in “59ideas” is illegal?

Turns out that I cannot start a username with number with a number! Why?

I like the RawSugar idea and the reward program idea even better. I’m a firm believer of this motto:

Ideas is nice, but Money drives.

Power of the Fauna Theme

9 February, 2006

This blog is now at

Try this,

  1. Go to Google and search with
  2. Click on a couple of the websites

Notice anything about them?

All the sites are using the Fauna Theme. All except one, which may have just changed its theme.

This is very interesting. Any idea why?

links for 2006-02-08

9 February, 2006

Most of today’s surfing focused on open source PHP-based forum. phpBB is one of the more popular forum around but I do not quite like the style of it.

Phorum may fit the bill since it has the threading layout which I prefer.

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